Every once in a while, there’s a perfect song. This song makes me wish I was heartbroken in a weird clingy way so I could fully appreciate it, in the way it’s meant to be appreciated. Which, as it happens, is sitting in your car in the rain outside of your ex’s house crying into a lock of her hair.

As a side note, there are a lot of reasons I pick the videos I do. There could be ten different videos for a given song. Sometimes there’s only one, so it’s an easy choice. This time I had a choice between a few versions of the official video and this one, a sappy, emo lyrics video. You can feel the teenage angst oozing from the screen. Bask in it. Let it wash over you and remind you of the person you were.


I know this is a radical change in direction for this site musically but I listen to pretty much everything. Just so happens I went through a rap phase in the last month or so. I gave you the lyrics video, even though I’m pretty sure most of it is fucked up. Who fucks up a rap song’s lyrics? I’m the least urban dude ever and I can hear the right lyrics. Some of what they have in there doesn’t even make sense.