been so long I forgot my password

Long story short, been working my ass off. Two jobs, nearly full time at both, a day off a week if I’m lucky, slaving in kitchens.

I’m down to one now, having left the original after being offered full time at the new job that paid better. It was supposed to be a six week thing and now it’s my full time gig. Much more laid back, and pays marginally better. I didn’t leave my old job like I wanted to, I just kinda… quit showing up one day. I guess I went a little crazy. Working 70 hours a week for a few months will do that to a person.

But I have some spare time now, when my internet is working properly.

Essentially, to put it in the parlance of our times, I’m about to get my grind on. Going back to school to be, of all things, an accountant. Full time there. I’m also working 40+ hours a week at my new job. So it’ll be hectic, but hopefully I’ll have time for the little things.