stephen king publishes 25 page essay on gun control

I came across this news article from USA Today this morning. The TLDR is that Stephen King published, for 99 cents in the Kindle bookstore, a 25 page essay about how semi-automatic guns should be banned.

I’m not gonna buy it, because I think it’s ridiculous to pay 99 cents for a 25 page essay in the age of the internet. He could easily have published it on his website. So I’m not gonna read it. Sorry, Mr. King.

Stephen King is one of my writing role models. I love his books. I’ve lost weeks of my life in the pages of his stories (try to make your way through the seven-book Dark Tower series in less than a few days of straight reading time, I dare you). But this is kind of silly.

His anti-gun points have been addressed in myriad forms. The counter-arguments are there. This is nothing new or groundbreaking. Don’t waste your dollar, buy a candy bar instead.


I’ve been working on and off, when my ridiculous schedule will allow, on a story that’s currently around 30k words and shows no sign of even approaching the climax, so it’s safe to call it a novel. I’m taking a break, putting it on the shelf for a bit, and decided to bumble about the internet for a while until I need to leave to get my shit accomplished today, couple hours.

The reason I bring this up is because the working title of it is Hop,¬†hence hoppin’. It’s what I’m doing today, hopping from link to link using one of my long time favorite tools for link discovery, StumbleUpon. I quit using it for a while because I quit using Firefox, moving to Chrome, and their implementation for Chrome wasn’t very good until recently when I checked back in. Basically, I make a list of my interests, which are many and varied, and I hit “Stumble” and find myself at a fairly interesting place, eventually. Try it, it’s fun. Continue reading