Not really. Just super busy with the usual. Add in a little relapse into dwarf fortress and just like that, your blog isn’t being updated.

I love Dwarf Fortress, I really do. My computer can’t handle it usually but I’ve been able to play again. I usually get frustrated by the fourth or fifth wave of migrants and delete everything.

If you could turn the micro management down a notch, it’d be a “never stop playing” game for me. As is, I go on week-long jaunts.

better living through chemistry

Queens of the Stone Age is one of those bands I’ve forgotten about for a while, and I’m just now getting back into. Somehow, with warm weather approaching, it just feels right. Maybe because it was one of the CDs in my car during good moments in high school (though they were few and far between).

I guess that’s how music works, why certain sounds stick with us and others don’t. I have bands I used to love that I don’t anymore because they remind me of times I’d rather not relive.

But that guitar sound… I want to play with it. I need to get my guitars back in shape, rebuild some callouses.