leisure time

Leisure is an oddly spelled word. English sucks. It’s supposed to be, to my extent of knowledge on the word: “I before E except after C, unless it is ‘ay’ as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weigh’.” But leisure is EI, and it’s pronounced “ay”. Maybe that’s just American English, I guess British English it sounds more like “laysure”.

Whatever. I’ve got my school work done, and four hours until I have to leave for work. I’m brewing a pot of coffee, I’m going to cook some eggs, and I’m going to stumble about randomly until I find some cool shit. Continue reading

new site goal

I’m gonna try to post a song I like every day. So far, I’ve got like seven days lined up. That’s as hard as I feel like trying.

It’s mostly because I need to find some new music, my collection is growing stale.