political apathy

I don’t remember exactly when I burned out on politics, but I know it was around 2003. I stopped caring.

I used to be, believe it or not, conservative. Sort of. I identified with the Republican party. Sort of. I described myself as fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. Whatever that means. The term South Park Republican came out around that time, and the Libertarians were just on the horizon for me personally.

My father is a Republican. I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh in the car, and later Hannity and Glenn Beck. Any time we were in the car the local AM conservative talk station would be on. Thanks to my strange love for talk radio in general and the lack of good apolitical talk radio at any given time of day, those would end up playing in my own car when I came of age. Continue reading

i love the girls who love to hate

This song (this band) is one of my guilty pleasures. I like the guitar arpeggios at the end, pretty much. If you watch the actual video for the song, it’s embarrassing to admit you like that shit.


See, look what it made me do. Shit, I gotta listen to some Sabbath to cleanse the palate.