friday stumble

I woke up like twelve hours earlier than I wanted to today. I avoided the coffee for an hour or two, trying to get sleepy again after working eleven hours yesterday, but nothing was happening. So my body has just decided that six hours of sleep is just fine, and the coffee pot is full, albeit temporarily, and I’m here with not much to do.

I mean, I’ve got school work and stuff but I’m making good progress with the end of semester projects so I’m going to treat myself to a lil stumble.

I’m done with dwarf fortress until I can upgrade my computer or buy a new one. Even flash games are slow on this fucker. DF is cool but once I get to the interesting bits, having about 50-60 dwarves running around, I get like 30 FPS (which slows the game down quite a bit) and occasional hardcore lags that last for minutes straight. Saving takes ten minutes. So I’m done with that.

I have been playing some interesting flash games, maybe I’ll throw those links up somewhere.

It’s very important to my mental health to have some sort of downtime every day where I just read, or browse the web, or play a game. Extended periods of time without that really mess with me. My time has been really limited lately.

I’ve got the news on in the background, listening to them babble about nothing over this Boston manhunt. Nothing’s happened all morning since I woke up at six, so I had it muted and I’ve been catching up on O&A. Missed nothing.

Now that I’ve rambled enough to have something to show on the front page, let’s continue with the linkdump. Continue reading