My sleep shit’s all fucked up. It’s ridiculous. I fell asleep on the couch at 7pm last night (Sunday) and woke up at two in the morning. I stayed up all day today, and I’m still up. It’s three in the goddamn morning. I’ve been up for 25 hours. No sleep. No nothing.

Actually, I may have fallen asleep for a half hour or so on the couch again. But once I got up I was wide awake. Second wind shit.

It blows. Gotta get it straightened out to start the new year right.

pornhub comments on stock photos

Every once in a while you run into something that hits you just right. This is one of those things. Apparently people are combining comments on the videos at pornhub with stock imagery of (mostly) men on computers.

More please.

¬†Edit: I originally got these via some reposter on reddit who just threw them up on imgur. Why you wouldn’t link to the original blog is beyond me. Once I found it, I went through the whole goddamn thing. I don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning. Fuck you. SO THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH IS A LINK

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