Starting work on the site today. There’ll be videos, tutorials, video tutorials, guides, among many other keywords.

Focusing on Classic World of Warcraft but I might venture back over to retail if the next expansion is any good.

As for me, I’m a wow player from back in the day, original retail. One of these days I’ll comb through old patch notes and see when I started playing because I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure I remember Warsong Gulch opening. But every Classic player is gonna tell you they played from the Beta so what do you know.

I mained a mage (“Gogoroth” if memory serves) on the PVP server Stormreaver. Joined a guild that only halfway cleared MC in a few months of raiding before the guild broke up or the MT quit playing or something. Good experience though. I remember being constantly broke. I wasn’t ready to raid. It was a struggle to get mats for raids every week.

Real shortly after the guild broke up I started playing with some real world friends. I remember gearing up for BC and deciding shortly before I wanted to switch to druid for some reason, which ended up being a really good choice. Druids were super fun in BC. It was the prime of Feral, and I had three or four full sets of gear that I carried around in case I needed to tank, heal, or DPS.

I forgot, we also rerolled when my friends joined. We picked a normal server and that’s when I switched to druid. I was pretty sure they’d hate the experience of trying to level on an established, highly populated PVP server full of bored 60’s that were already as geared as they needed to be.

Later I joined one of the better raiding guilds on my server and cleared Karazhan as a healer. We were clearing Gruul(?) weekly. We started another raid (my internet decided to go down as I’m writing this so I can’t look it up and pretend I remember. It was the one with the phoenix boss in like, the first room if I’m remembering right). I was starting to get geared but that new raid was the deathknell for what my computer could do. At the time I wasn’t willing to play on potato graphics to raid. No heart. I was having so much fun in tree mode and I was damn good at it but the lighting or something in that raid taxed my computer down to like 5 fps and it wasn’t good or fun. Then my graphics card blew up and I didn’t play for a long time.

I came back for WOTLK briefly, but never really played seriously again. The breaking up of servers, the sharding or whatever it’s called, it kinda killed it for me. I couldn’t just hop in a dungeon run and do really good and get invited to join a guild or add some friends. People just kinda silently zerged dungeons and that was that.

Since then I’ve come back and played a little at every expansion but never really dove deep. But classic is back and so am I.

I’m psyched for classic. Enjoying exploring the world again with fresh eyes and a 1080p resolution. I think I used to play on 800x600 on a 400 pound CRT. My laptop isn’t the best but it plays at 60fps at high settings and it’s nice enough.

My hope for classic isn’t that it continues forever, but that Blizzard mines it for information on how to make retail better. How to build better server communities. Places where you can learn who the players are and recognize people and make friends organically and not like, tiny insulated communities of guilds and discords and whatever else is going on these days.

Anyway enough writing, I’ve got leveling to do. My internet’s back up and I’m gonna start slapping together a guide or two. Currently playing on Ashkandi (Normal) but that’s subject to change. I’d like to roll on a PVP server but I’d like to wait until servers have settled a little, people have quit, populations have stabilized.