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I’ve been using the name frenik as an internet pseudonym since the age of 14. Freshman year of high school. It used to be that I could go anywhere and sign up as frenik and it wouldn’t be taken. Not so much the case anymore.

It has nothing to do with schizophrenia, except in origin. My younger brother and I were signing up for a game at the time and wanted to group up, so having related names would be cool. 14-year-old me at the time came up with Fobik and Frenik, as in -phobic and -phrenic. Immediately recognizable as related names.

The only reason I used the name elsewhere is that I immediately noticed the correlation between frenik and my real name, and so began to use it everywhere for the next 16 years and counting.

I’m currently thirty as I write this (Aug 2014). I don’t know what this blog will be about. Historically it’s just been things I’ve found interesting. Historically it’s had no followers and I kinda like that, with my socially anxious past. I’ve changed, remnants hang around and bother me from time to time but not so much these days.

This is one of my hobbies, posting to this dump, adding to the shitpile that is the internet. Maybe you’ll find something cool here.

A note: if your comment doesn’t seem to show up, it’s because I moderate by hand. I hate spam. I don’t care if you link your personal blog or even something you have a financial interest in if you contribute to some sort of conversation. But spambots drive me nuts so I’ll never just open up the comments, even though Akismet does a wonderful job.

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