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dat shit racist
dat shit racist

My morning ritual is usually to sit down with my coffee and play Freecell until my brain wakes up. I want to fix that. I’m so bored of fucking Freecell.

On the heels of this Mentat thing I’ve been kicking around, I decided to take up chess again. I haven’t played seriously in many years, and I’m really rusty.

When I was a kid, I played chess as part of the “enrichment program” as a six year old. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole post on separating the “bright” kids from the rest of the class, but it’s beyond the scope of this one. In any case, that’s where I was introduced to the game of chess.

I approached it like I approach everything. I didn’t study the game in depth, I just learned a bunch of flashy trick openings and was able to roll everyone I played, because no one was really that good. I ended up losing interest in the game because of this, I think.

Much later in life, when I was out on my own and sitting bored in my apartment, I went through a period where I played chess all the time at home, against the computer. I played a little online and usually got rolled.

But I remember feeling like my brain was pumping on all cylinders back then. My brain was trained to think steps ahead, and it helped in everything I did.

That’s why I’m taking chess up again. I’ve got a decent app for my phone, and I’m on the lookout for one for my Windows PC (let me know if you have one). I might just pirate an old copy of Chessmaster or something, that’s what I used to play with.

becoming a mentat

thinkerAs I mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently midway through my second reading of the Dune series, and I’m afraid I’ve gone too deep.

I’ve had an idea for the site. I’d like to delve into my brain in my free time, tidy the place up, oil the moving parts. In the process, I’m going to share what I’ve learned.

You can call it mind hacks, or whatever you want to. I’m choosing to call it the “Mentat Project.”

I want to teach myself how to learn, how to think critically, among other as yet undefined goals. The first step is deep thought about what it means in the first place.

This will all take place in my meager spare time, so progress will be slow.


I don’t like the way my brain has felt lately. Poor diet, perhaps. Lack of downtime, maybe. I sleep six to seven hours a night, as has been my habit since I can remember, but I never feel rested. Stress. Physical fatigue.

In any case, I think I can change it.