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woman pulled over for osu sticker

buckeyeI knew this would happen eventually, I’m just surprised it happened in the South. The South is all about college football, isn’t it?

I live on what I consider to be the borderline of the South. It may just be my perspective, having grown up in the suburbs of a decent sized city in northern Ohio, but I currently live on the Ohio River, a short drive from West Virginia. With all of the pickup trucks and country music, it feels like the South to me, although it might just be the real Midwest. In any case, college football is huge around here.

The couple had a sticker like the one above on their bumper. The cops in Tennessee apparently mistook it for a pot leaf, which I suppose is understandable, if you’re stupid.

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emergent properties of reality using psilocin microscopy

Interesting little article delving into one of my interests: psychedelics. I’ve never used them personally, but I remain fascinated by descriptions and reports of those who have seen the other side. I’m not a true “psychonaut,” but I’m a consumer of their writings.

These substances seem to spark interesting ideas and concepts, and true psychonauts think in very interesting ways.

Specifically, the author is trying in this article to link the visuals common to experiences with the “magic” mushroom, namely “breathing” walls and items, with the underlying truth of reality as viewed through the lens of quantum physics. Admittedly, I know very little about quantum physics, having what is quite possibly an entire wrong and overly simple overview of the topic, despite the scant reading I’ve done.

Good read, though. I’ll probably check back on this website when I have more time.