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better living through chemistry

Queens of the Stone Age is one of those bands I’ve forgotten about for a while, and I’m just now getting back into. Somehow, with warm weather approaching, it just feels right. Maybe because it was one of the CDs in my car during good moments in high school (though they were few and far between).

I guess that’s how music works, why certain sounds stick with us and others don’t. I have bands I used to love that I don’t anymore because they remind me of times I’d rather not relive.

But that guitar sound… I want to play with it. I need to get my guitars back in shape, rebuild some callouses.


political apathy

I don’t remember exactly when I burned out on politics, but I know it was around 2003. I stopped caring.

I used to be, believe it or not, conservative. Sort of. I identified with the Republican party. Sort of. I described myself as fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. Whatever that means. The term South Park Republican came out around that time, and the Libertarians were just on the horizon for me personally.

My father is a Republican. I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh in the car, and later Hannity and Glenn Beck. Any time we were in the car the local AM conservative talk station would be on. Thanks to my strange love for talk radio in general and the lack of good apolitical talk radio at any given time of day, those would end up playing in my own car when I came of age. Continue reading

spring break woo

This week is “spring break” for my school. I was gonna drive down to Daytona Beach and binge drink, but then I realized I’m an adult with responsibilities and can’t do that kind of thing. I have to like, work.

I have little to no school work to do, just some light reading and keeping up with the topics at hand so I don’t forget everything by the time I go back. In the mean time, I’m gonna have a hefty amount of free time.

I have a handful of personal projects I’d like to work on. I’m fleshing out the general gist of another site. I hesitate to call it a blog, but since it will most likely be WordPress-based, I guess that’s what it is. I’ve also got some posts I’d like to write up.

One is a “consumer report” type thing, but not really. Just the best phrase for it that comes to mind. I’m going to pick something that I need to buy at some point, and research it. I was soured by an experience lately when I went to buy a pair of spark plug pliers/pullers. My wife’s car is a Volkswagen and it’s damn near impossible to get to the boots and get any kind of leverage to get them out of there when changing a spark plug. I tried for an hour to get the middle two spark plugs out before deciding to plop down up to ten bucks (my budget for it) on a pair of plug pullers.

It was emasculating, admitting defeat on a plug change. The first pair I bought were cheap Chinese garbage. The plastic gripper thing on the end cracked and fell off immediately. I was able to get the plug out, but not without damaging the boot with the metal ends that remained. The second pair was too wide to get to where I needed to get.

I ended up giving up and taking it to the garage, where they called in the warranty on the wires and replaced them (the wires were the problem anyway). The key is, they have the right tool, a fortyish dollar specialized thing the width of the spark plug socket itself, designed for the job at hand. Had I had the forty bucks to throw at this simple job, I would have been done in five minutes.

So back to the project, I’m going to do a test run. I haven’t decided on what I’m “buying” yet, but that’s on the agenda for today. You’ll see when I post it. It’s hard to explain.

I also have a story I’d like to write, although it’s shaping up as an epic, on the scale of a Dune or Game of Thrones. Tolkien-esque in length and depth. My car time lately has been dedicated to fleshing it out. I might also carve up a story I wrote a month or two ago and left half-finished. Either way, they probably won’t get published here any time soon.

Although I may put some work in on a publishing mechanism. A way to read stories online comfortably. I saw an example in one of my previous linkdumps that I really liked (I believe it was an Aristotle essay). Shouldn’t take long to bang that out.

There’s also this matter of there not being an effective podcast downloader that I’ve found yet. I don’t like iTunes, and my desktop isn’t always connected to the internet anyway. I might put in some thought on that.

I need to discover some new music, so I’ll be spending some time searching that out.

I also have various “real world” things I’d like to do this week. I’d like to spend a bunch of time with my son and my wife, and the wife and I are planning on getting a few chickens this year, so we’re researching everything we need to get that done. I’d like to have the coop design done by the end of the week. We’re looking for cheap and effective.

So that’s my spring break 2013. Not exactly titties and booze and anonymous promiscuity, but it works for me.