4 thoughts on “dancing with mel”

  1. Katrina makes some awesome products, and she has great customer service! She stands behind her product 1000%!!! I had never tried whipped soap until recently, and I tell you, I guard it with my life! I make sure to buy it in some real girly girl scents so there are no mixups with hubby and son….

  2. Got a Canon G9 from Benedict yesterday. No problems at all.It was my first purchase from him and I’m sure it won’t be my last. Can’t wait for my next excuse to order from Benedict again!

  3. , I totally agree the matters discussed here point to a problem, and this is the more so when I consider that neither you nor Tanstaafl fall into the wild eyed skinhead category.One more thing – I must say the thought I have a hidden genetic program which, without pre-warning, would take control over my mind and body and would turn me into a blind follower and executioner for the Left (as described by Edmund Connelly, “The Washington Post’s Willing Executioner?” 12 Sept. 2008, the Occidental Observer) extremely unlikely…Best,Visiting Israeli

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