driving in snow

I just had a two hour experience that has inspired me to write a post on how to drive in snow. I grew up in an area where we had snow all winter and moved to an area that gets enough snow to affect the roads maybe twice a winter.

But this isn’t the post telling you how to drive in snow. This is a rant.

Sure, you might glean a few tips here or there, but mostly it’s what not to do.

Don’t push other drivers. The other people on the road generally know what their cars are capable of, and even if you think they don’t, it’s safer for everyone if they underestimate and take it easy. Yes, you’re going to be late for work. Being ten feet behind me, even though it’s reasonable in dry weather, just means that when I hit my brakes, you’re going to slam into me. You stupid motherfucker.

Case in point: I was driving down a hill, just an hour ago, and some shitty little old Mercedes was behind me. I also had a car in front of me. The car in front of me was taking its time going down the hill, so I backed off a bit. People in this area also tend to not use their turn signals, so I wasn’t sure if he was planning on turning or not, and the last thing you want in the snow is to be sliding downhill after braking for a car that suddenly stopped. You build momentum. There’s no way to stop.

Anyway, I slowly apply my brakes to begin the stop. The brake pads might have barely been skimming the wheel. The lightest of pressure, slowing down as gently as possible. The car behind me, the shitsipper in the Mercedes, jams his brakes (or at the very least applies them harder than he needed to), and begins immediately to fishtail out into the oncoming lane. Luckily, there was nobody coming, and he got it under control. But he ended up a good five feet closer to me than he had been. I was sure he was going to hit me.

Don’t pull out in front of people. Give plenty of fucking room. Give cars at least twice the distance you’d usually give. If they have to hit their brakes at all, or even slow down, you fucking lose. Go home.

Do keep in mind that you’re driving a death machine weighing a few tons.

Do be fucking patient, you dickhead. It’s going to take longer to get where you’re going. Leave early. If there’s any sign of inclement weather, fucking leave early. Jesus Christ. If you forgot to, accept that you’re going to be late and chill the fuck out. All it takes is one aggressive move to put you in the ditch or oncoming traffic.

Later I’ll write up a how-to on driving in snow. It’s a topic I know a bit about, growing up in a snowy area. Maybe it’ll help people or something. Shit.

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