You had time to waste and I’m not sorry. Such a basket case, hide the cutlery.

Linkdump commencing after the break…Map of US job gains/losses 2004-2012: I’ve seen this before, but it never fails to amaze me. Beautiful visual representation of the downturn in the economy. Also makes you feel better when you see those giant red circles fade away as we approach present day. You can even see Hurricane Katrina in there, August 2005 when southern Louisiana blows up. But even before that, Detroit is glowing like Chernobyl. Then Florida, California, and Arizone blow up, and the whole country goes red.

Really a stunning visualization of the recession. Makes you feel a bit better about the economy, as well, seeing those giant red bubbles go away, replaced by little green ones.

Aside: I dreamed last night I bought guitar strings. I should buy strings for my crappy acoustic and start playing again.

Legally build an unregistered AR-15: Now I can’t speak for the legality of this, because it doesn’t seem like it would be. But I’m one of those nuts that thinks that the citizenry has the right to arm themselves in whatever way they choose.

Fishing Knots: I got into fishing a little bit last year. I live out in the country now, having grown up in a more urban area. I wear boots and stuff now, and now I fish, and I’m considering hunting. The fuck happened to me? But anyway, I’ve got like one good knot that I can tie (the “Improved Clinch”), after losing a bunch of three dollar lures last summer.

I’m bookmarking this one. On this summer’s agenda is starting to teach my son (he’ll be five) how to fish. I’m slowly building my tackle box.

Pathfinder & Organisms (AI): I love this stuff. I’ve implemented the most basic pathfinding in some little crappy unpublished experimental games I’ve made and it’s hard to wrap your head around sometimes. The algorithms themselves are straightforward enough, but I don’t think I have the education/experience to pull it off most of the time. I could watch little AI bots all day if they were doing something interesting.

The truth about the Humane Society: I love finding out about a bad charity. Whenever I see one of those commercials on TV begging for money I immediately look them up.

The 72 Shaolin martial arts: First of all, I like the number 72 for some reason. Secondly, this list is so RPG. “Fucking noob, everyone knows that the monk class has to put twenty points into Iron Shirt to be viable. Then max out Iron Finger, shit is OP.”

Side note: since I quit playing WOW, OP has ceased to register as “overpowered,” instead reverting to “onion petals.” I work in a kitchen, can you tell?

Timothy Leary: You aren’t like them: In quote form, meh. But in comic form, I really like the message. Odd how that works. I do like Leary, though. Timothy, that is. Not to disparage Dennis.

How to build your own file server: When I get a new computer, this old piece of shit is becoming a file server. A temporary one, as it only has like 40 gigs on it. One of my tech goals is to have a king shit massive file server to throw shit on and never have to worry about storage again. I’ve been doing that old shuffle of files too long.

This goes on a thumb drive, this can be deleted, this I’ll burn to a CD, blah blah blah. I’m living in the early 2000s with my tech. First World Problems, yo.

Match the arrestee: Yes, SmokingGun. Yes. I like this. It’s a side-game to try not to be racist, as well. On this one I only got “impersonating an officer” and “drag racing” correct. Spoiler: Anyone with blue hair is either drag racing or pirating hentai.

And I played the “previous” link as well. I’m finding I’m really good at picking out who’s the hair stylist by their hair alone. We have this salon that orders a pickup order every day where I work, and I can always tell when one of them comes to pick it up, because they have much better hair than anyone else that ever comes there.

Another “where did the money go” thing: I did one of these on my last dump and enjoyed it, so here we go again:

Three guys go into a hotel. They want a room for the night. The man at the front desk says, “For the three of you, one room for one night is $30.”

They split the bill three ways. $10 each. They go on their way. Suddenly, the receptionist remembers, it’s not $30 for a room! It’s only $25! Since he couldn’t divide the $5 among three people, he decided to give one dollar back to each of them (meaning they each put $9 into the room), and pocket the leftover $2.


If the three guys paid a total of $27 for the room, and the receptionist kept the leftover $2…

Where’d the extra $1 go?

If you find it… let me know.

My initial reaction is that the problem is in the question at the end. “If the three guys…” et cetera. That’s where I see the danger.

When you think about it as a series of steps, it works out. The hotel has $25 in the register, the guys have $3, and the receptionist has $2. 25+3+2=30. So it’s all there. This confirms that the dollar didn’t magically disappear. The entire 30 is somewhere, namely $3 for the guys, $2 for the receptionist, and $25 in the register.

So the problem is indeed in the question. The two dollars shouldn’t be factored in at all, as it’s a part of the $27 cost for the room. The question tricks you into adding 27 and 2 to come up with 29, thinking a dollar vanished, when in fact you should be adding 27 and the 3 that was returned.

As an accountant-in-training, here’s how I’d journalize the final transaction for the travelers (ignore the unorthodox account names):






        Hotel Room


        Theft by Receptionist


The money’s all there, but the final question forces you into the wrong frame of mind.

30-minute, no-gym bodyweight workout (infographic): Let’s be honest. I collect information like this, and then I stay fat because I don’t do it. I just don’t believe in it. I’ll do them for a week or two and feel no results, and quit. I did that with Convict Conditioning. I’m convinced if I could just find a workout routine that I knew would work, I could stick with it.

And I can’t afford the gym. It’s the first luxury I’ll invest in when I have the cash, though.

Watch out for the backswing: No matter how much I like the message, I always fucking hate political cartoons. It’s the lowest form of expression. They’re always completely obvious metaphors, which they feel the need to then label in big capital letters for us. They want to eliminate thought and interpretation entirely from the piece. Did the kid need to be labeled “Civil Liberties”? Nope. I got it right away before I even noticed.

I should be a writer for political cartoons. Okay, so for this one you should draw a donkey with “DEMOCRATS” written down the side of it. No, that’s not clear enough, make it “THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Now have it trying to mount an elephant. Oh yeah, and write on the elephant “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NAMELY THE CONGRESS AND WHATNOT”. Yeah, “and whatnot” is part of it, it’s important. Okay now have the donkey trying to mount the elephant, and a speech bubble saying “Golly gee, I’d like to fuck this elephant but it’s asshole is too high off of the ground. And by asshole I mean HR 17437234 and by ground I mean the floor of the Senate.” LOL! Yeah exactly that wording. No it’s not too wordy, fuck you. I’ll find a different drawmonkey if you don’t want to draw it. Get that pencil moving, prick. Here’s your $50.

Skulpt.org: Fucking cool. In-browser implementation of python, one of my favorite tinkering languages.

Analysis of Beethoven’s Op. 53: Stuff like this makes me realize I don’t know as much as I’d like to about music. I used to be able to read sheet music, played the piano for a year when I was five. No ability anymore. It’s gone.

Another one of those moneyed luxuries I have my eye on for the future: A good full keyboard with which to teach myself piano again. It’s a great instrument.

List of common misconceptions: In case you want to be that asshole at the party who can interject with “Actually, that’s a common misconception. Sailors of the 15th century…” Personally I like those assholes, people with interesting information entertain me, but a lot of people take offense to being corrected on their hard-won “facts”.

Taxonomy of the logical fallacy: I need to learn these, so I can win internet arguments. Just kidding, there is no winning internet arguments.

Side note: I’ve just now realized that the way I’ve been linking (stripping the stumbleupon part of the URL) sometimes leaves a hanging backslash at the end which could fuck up the links. I’ll have to pore through my linkdumps now, looking for broken links. Shit.

Fisherman in France catches giant goldfish: I know goldfish get pretty big, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what I saw when I loaded the link. Maybe the guy’s a midget or something, because that’s a huge fish.

Open webcams: See, this is why I don’t trust the government to establish widespread surveillance. I don’t buy into the whole “if you have nothing to hide” argument, first of all, but mostly, it’s because I know that I will watch these stupid things all day for no good reason. So I know if there was a camera in my house, at some point someone would watch me take a shit just because. I recognize the thing in me that wants to spy, and know it’s in a lot of people, and therefore can trust no one.

Rip Pandora: Woah, dude, wait. Does this still work? I’m gonna try this later. My drive has mobile dead spots, I’d love to “record” an hour of Pandora so I can actually listen in the car.

Why don’t you look like a fitness model?: A response to a criticism this fitness blogger apparently gets often. Good read, excellent response.

Logic Puzzles – Easy: Shit yeah, logic puzzles. Bookmarked. Brain exercise always welcome. I like to puzzle these out in my head during the brain-optional parts of my job.

On youth and old age, on life and death, on breathing: An old book (essay?) by Aristotle. I’ve never read it (downloaded to put on my Kindle, though), but what interests me about this is the format it’s published in here. I’m gonna keep that in mind should any of my writing ever be ready to self-publish. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

Side note: Since I added “babes” to my stumbleupon categories, I’ve found very few to be share-worthy. Most people’s taste in pictures of women is terrible. Just trashy and bad. I guess I’m looking with more of an artist’s eye at the pictures, rather than that drooling state of mind that men would probably be in while creating and sharing these pages.

Time: A philosophical discussion of time. I wish I could get into philosophy, understand it. Never really tried, don’t know where to start.

Funswitcher: No practical use for this. But it’s a’ight.

Okay, there we go: Finally, a shareable pic from the “babes”. If it weren’t for the fact that she is picking a wedgie, that’s a great picture. Although I’m sure that the fact that she’s picking a wedgie bumps it up a few points for some people.

Ship of Theseus: See, this is why I like philosophy. A stupid question becomes a deep thought experiment. Essentially, the question is whether a ship that has had all of its parts replaced is the same ship. I certainly have no opinion, but it’ll probably bother me for a week or two.

Blogging 101: Blog Tips Round-up: OH GOD I’M DOING IT ALL WRONG! I don’t know, I’m just doing it. Don’t really care.

Titanium Escape Ring: I want it. I have no rational reason for wanting it, but I want it. It also looks a bit like my wedding ring. That’s some James Bond shit.

Side note: I just stumbled across a site that is literally Pinterest for pornography.

That’s a girl that lifts: <– my first thought before I noticed the URL. See girls? Lifting does not make you bulky if you’re not part of the testosterone-laden gender. I think she went a bit overboard with her arms, though. Before I realized it was a bodybuilding site I thought it might have been a tranny.

Dream Girl: Some kid trying to remember a girl from his dream, with the goal of finding her and marrying her and not dying alone. Fucked up high school angst shit. Some people see this as like, adorable or romantic or something, I see it as sad.

How to learn (almost) anything: Self-explanatory. I find it to be true. I learn best by doing and really incorporating whatever I’m learning into my life in a big way. Immerse yourself.

48 Laws of Power: I’ve actually read this book. If you’ve only read these rules straight-up, you’ll get this creepy sense from it, but the book in its entirety actually makes sense. Not as cold as it’s presented here. It’s full of historical examples (well-written and entertaining) that illustrate the points. It paints a picture of the world that isn’t pretty, but the truth is often ugly. This book is truth.

Hacking challenges: I used to love stuff like this. Good exercise in creativity if you’re technologically inclined. I haven’t tried any of these. Don’t feel like registering.

American Psychosis: More ugly truth.

Bad Martial Arts: I like this site. I’m kinda into martial arts, even though I don’t practice any. I enjoy MMA, and would like to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if it was available around here (in a reputable way). I’d call it a passing interest.

That’s it for today, fuck. That might be my longest linkdump session to date.

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