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Leisure is an oddly spelled word. English sucks. It’s supposed to be, to my extent of knowledge on the word: “I before E except after C, unless it is ‘ay’ as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weigh’.” But leisure is EI, and it’s pronounced “ay”. Maybe that’s just American English, I guess British English it sounds more like “laysure”.

Whatever. I’ve got my school work done, and four hours until I have to leave for work. I’m brewing a pot of coffee, I’m going to cook some eggs, and I’m going to stumble about randomly until I find some cool shit.

20 common grammar mistakes: Funny how I decided to ramble about the word “leisure” and this is the first link that pops up. I try to know as much about grammar as possible, but I don’t always use the knowledge. In a forum like this, I write how I speak. Commas are probably overused. I had to really watch that in English Comp last semester. As I said, I write how I speak. Commas take the place of natural pauses in my speech. I type fast enough that when I’m writing on a computer, it just kind of flows, and I don’t think about how I’m writing very much.

Rings of fire: Hoffmann Kilns: What a cool article. Lots of pictures, super informative. A topic I never thought I’d find interesting. Bookmarking this site for later perusal. A quick scan of the front page confirms that this shit rules. Great site.

Google launches Zopfli compression: Some cool stuff comes out of Google and their policy of giving employees 20% of their time to work on their own projects.

Social skydiving: The art of talking to strangers: Brilliant metaphor, and good read.


Garage Door Covers: From some German company. Want it. Don’t have a garage, though.

Twist – reusable food bag: I’m a big fan of prototype shit. I know it’ll never get made, and never get used widely, but anything aimed at improving the environment is cool with me. And this one’s slick.

Confusing words such as “affect/effect”, “their/there/they’re”, et cetera. I don’t know how I got on this grammar thing. I swear StumbleUpon has some sophisticated spying algorithm.

How to make an 80 lb draw longbow with PVC: I’ve been wanting to get into shooting a bow. I think I’ll buy one, but this is interesting. On a side note, their domain name “AxeBros” makes me think of this:

I get what they're going for, though.
I get what they’re going for, though.

Yoga Pants: She’s got weird legs. Like huge quads and skinny calfs (calves?). Maybe it’s just the angle, distortion by the lens.

50 Things everyone should be able to do: I agree with the premise that “self-reliance is a vital key to living a healthy, productive life.” I know how to do most of that well. Rough estimate 80%. And the rest I’m at least familiar with.

Get Home Bag: See, I agree with this stuff in principle. I would love to be this prepared, for whatever. The basic idea, for those not familiar with the survivalist stuff, or “preppers” as they’ve come to be known thanks to NatGeo, is that a “get home bag” is a mobile version of the “bug out bag”. The bug out bag is one that you prepare should you have to leave your house in a crisis. The “get home bag” is designed to get you home, should crisis occur when you’re out and about.

One of my problem is that it can be stolen. That’s like $500 worth of shit, not counting the $500 gun that he’s carrying around with him. You can’t carry 22 pounds all the time. You have to stash it in your car or something.

I’ve thought a lot about how I’d get home in a crisis. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not worried about myself as much as I am about my loved ones. I’d be fine.

Side note: as mentioned in a post I just made (probably the one before this one) I started my song a day thing today, taking a break from this post to line up a week’s worth of music. I also went back and fixed all the links in previous dumps. Fuck, I’m stupid.

Babe link: Yeah, okay. I feel like after seeing so many bad pictures, a decent one like this one is like… okay link it, what the fuck.

Paintbull turret: I want this shit now.

DIY Wood Burning Sauna: Interesting…

Side note: It’s funny coming across a porn site when you’re not in that mood. When a picture’s entitled “prepare for buttfuck”, even if the picture is pretty good, you gotta laugh. And yeah, I liked the picture, but I try to stay away from linking to straight-up porno on this site, and I believe a picture of a woman laying on her side holding her buttcheek up for the full view is over the line.


Bad taxidermy: Tanamazing.

Making black powder: I’ve always wanted to create a book (or series) that contained knowledge like this, useful for rebuilding after some kind of doomsday scenario. If you are making black powder after the bullets are used up, you’re ahead of the game.

This picture has gotta be at least six years old. I remember seeing it forever ago, and studying it because it blew my fucking mind. Maybe you haven’t seen it yet. I mean, I can see how they did it, but the just the idea itself is crazy.

That’s enough for now. I just found out I’m not working tonight, and I’m craving Subway™ so I’m getting in the car anyway and heading out. This post brought to you by Subway™ and their delicious sandwiches.

I wonder if I can bill them for advertisement. This post is sure to get like two hits so I’m thinking maybe something like five cents.

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    1. Heh, it was just my first thought when I saw the domain pop up through stumbleupon, before reading the title of the article. I like the site. One of the few I bookmarked during yesterday’s journey. I’m into it.

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