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It’s that time again. Bouncing around the internet and linking you to anything I find interesting. I’ll probably blab about it, too.

12 ties that bind: Good stuff for long term relationships/marriages.

Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal: Super cool. This article is over a year old, I’m going to look for an update. Here’s the research group’s website, doesn’t really look like they’ve gotten anywhere. The seven month study should be over by now, maybe they’re still preparing to publish. I’m not much of an academic, I don’t speak the language. I certainly wouldn’t understand the paper. Anyway, the idea’s cool.

Crystal Cave: It’s a glacier… it’s hard to describe. Incredibly beautiful. I want my roof to be made out of glacier.

Nova: Neat little Flash toy.

 Sir Bearington: A classic from 4chan, and the reason more people should play pen and paper RPGs. If you played in that game, it would be a story among your friends for the rest of your lives (albeit a kind of pathetic one, to outsiders).

Our discussion (flow chart): If only.

Aside: I came across a thing from Mensa. I should really devote an entire post to my thoughts on Mensa. Spoiler alert: not good.

Five Minute Upgrade – Making Your Design Pop: This is kind of web design 101 stuff, but I found it interesting anyway. Not that I’ve done any serious web design in the last few years.

vi tips and tricks: ten cool tricks sure to impress your friends: I only link this because if your friends are impressed by your vi tricks, you’ve got some cool friends. I bet there are a lot of beards in your group. Like big bushy UNIX sysadmin beards. I mean that as a compliment.

The Egg by Andy Weir: This short story gets passed around a lot without credit to the author. In fact, I ran into it again just now without credit, and took the time to find a page that gives credit (possibly the original source, too lazy to check that far). Chances are you’ve run into it before, and now you know who wrote it, if you hadn’t. If you haven’t read it, it’s a beautiful view of life, one that’s provoked a lot of electrical activity in my brain over the years.

If this were a religion, a manner of thought, an instinctual habit, the golden rule stretched to maximum possibility, the world would undoubtedly be a better place.

Aside: I have some health/weight-loss/fitness related categories on my StumbleUpon account (not sure of the wording they use), and I always end up running into shitty diet plans. After a while you learn how to spot shit advice by the headline, and women’s magazine sites are always the worst offenders, followed closely by men’s magazines.

JFK assassination film hoax: I’m a big fan of a conspiracy theory. I want to do a podcast dedicated to them. Bear in mind that I don’t believe half of them. I try to keep an open mind, but 99% of the conspiracy stuff out there doesn’t make it past my filter.

Coding tricks of game developers: I’ve seen a few of these before, and they’re pretty clever and/or funny, if you’re a coder type.

30 days to learn HTML and CSS: I haven’t gone through it, but it’s pretty. Nice presentation.

Modern art: No comment.

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