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Every once in a while I just go bouncing around the internet, with nothing better to do. I use a little stumbleupon when my connection is tight, and I browse reddit from time to time. When I do, I’ll make a little post like this to share the things I find interesting.

Not that I don’t have anything better to do. The fact is that I’m a master procrastinator. Word.

13 dark pieces of satire to make you stop and think: Interesting little pieces of art. This is the level that political cartoons should operate at. Notice that nothing’s wearing a big sign saying “CHINESE LABORERS” or “CORPORATIONS”. In case my point’s not crystal, I fucking hate political cartoons in the newspaper. They’re for the stupidest of stupid people to cut out and hang on their cubicle walls.

Get into action: 77 thoughts on motivation: I’m a fan of quotes. I’ve always wanted to start a little quote library for myself. The only problem is that so many of them are mis-attributed, and so many times I find an interesting quote and want to share it, but don’t want to contribute to the problem of mis-attributed quotes so I research and find out that the dude never even said that. -Michael Scott

Tractor digger spider thing (picture): Obviously a render, but that thing’s so awesome that I’m going to pretend it exists.

Math vs Arithmetic (infographic?): I’ve always wanted to learn more about mathematics, I just don’t have the time or good resources. Maybe one day. This picture explains the difference well. My problem is that I fucked up my education in high school algebra by not paying attention, thinking I was too smart to fail. Pfft. Now I’m left with spotty knowledge and stuck. KhanAcademy rules, but I don’t have the time.

Questionnaires for writing character profiles: I write a bit, I just never finish anything. I don’t usually bother to flesh out my characters, because they kind of take shape in my head as I’m forming the story. The way I write is to make a character, put them in a situation, and see what happens. Fuck an outline. Maybe that’s why I never finish. I did write for five hours straight yesterday, though, on a new project. Serious flow state. Maybe I should take it more seriously.

Aside: I’m so sick of fucking “TOP X Y” lists. Like every third link this morning. Seriously. Look for it at number one on my newest post: Top 11 signs your site sucks a fat cock.

Why are there 5280 feet in a mile? Making sense of measurements: Really interesting article from mentalfloss. Why aren’t we using metric again? Imperial’s just so weird. I work in a kitchen so I have to know a lot of the little measurement conversions and it blows.

Thirty rules of chess: I’m always saying I’m going to get back into chess. I like the way my brain feels when I play a lot of chess, it’s like lube for the moving parts. Things click together more smoothly. Maybe that’s how I can spend some downtime at work, playing chess on my phone. Chess used to be one of my hobbies, it’s such a deep and complex game. The learning curve for online chess is fairly harsh, though. Expect to lose a lot. I always lose.

Best procrastination tip ever: I bookmarked this to read later.

The BeagleBoard: I’ve been kicking around the feasibility of building a low cost, tiny little computer, using cheap pieces. Kind of a layaway style of building a PC. Buy the board, then the processor, et cetera until you have a full little computer. Given that I’m a broke piece of shit. I didn’t really look into this board in particular, but it reignited the idea.

I think this is an alien (image)

What you can get done with kids versus without kids: As much as I would never visit this website, ever, the cartoon is dead on. I have to sneak away to poop, because if he knows I’m going he’d want to sit in there and watch. No thanks. I quickly learned that if I think something’s going to take me a half hour, it’ll most likely take forty-five minutes. And he’s relatively well-behaved for a four year old.

The Document which was formerly called the MIT guide to lockpicking: I love the concept of lockpicking. One of these days when I have spare time and money I’m gonna start as a hobby. There’s something pleasing about thinking about playing with a lock and opening it without a key. Not in a felonious way, but in an intellectual way.

This lady got the thickness (edit: removed dead link): Future reference: I don’t label my shit NSFW. Don’t browse this site at work if you can’t see something “NSFW”. I think the whole NSFW thing’s fucking stupid. Is your boss gonna be happy if he sees you on reddit, or a news site, or just some shitty little blog? What makes you think he’ll give any more of a fuck about a girl in lingerie (or tits, or cocks, or whatever)?

Four African teenage girls create urine-powered generator: See, this is why I’ve been saving my piss in bottles for ten years. Everyone called me crazy, threatened to have me thrown in the nut hut, but my basement now contains five hundred gallons of liquid gold. But, as per the article, “a liter gives six hours of electricity,” and they say “a couple of trips to the bathroom sounds worth six hours of electricity to me.” A liter? In a few trips to the bathroom? That’s a lot of piss. I don’t have the scientific evidence, but I’d be willing to bet that most people overestimate their piss production. There’s an idea for you, grad students. Run with it.

That’s enough for today. Shit. I have things to do god damn it.

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