dat shit racist
dat shit racist

My morning ritual is usually to sit down with my coffee and play Freecell until my brain wakes up. I want to fix that. I’m so bored of fucking Freecell.

On the heels of this Mentat thing I’ve been kicking around, I decided to take up chess again. I haven’t played seriously in many years, and I’m really rusty.

When I was a kid, I played chess as part of the “enrichment program” as a six year old. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole post on separating the “bright” kids from the rest of the class, but it’s beyond the scope of this one. In any case, that’s where I was introduced to the game of chess.

I approached it like I approach everything. I didn’t study the game in depth, I just learned a bunch of flashy trick openings and was able to roll everyone I played, because no one was really that good. I ended up losing interest in the game because of this, I think.

Much later in life, when I was out on my own and sitting bored in my apartment, I went through a period where I played chess all the time at home, against the computer. I played a little online and usually got rolled.

But I remember feeling like my brain was pumping on all cylinders back then. My brain was trained to think steps ahead, and it helped in everything I did.

That’s why I’m taking chess up again. I’ve got a decent app for my phone, and I’m on the lookout for one for my Windows PC (let me know if you have one). I might just pirate an old copy of Chessmaster or something, that’s what I used to play with.

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