pornhub comments on stock photos

Every once in a while you run into something that hits you just right. This is one of those things. Apparently people are combining comments on the videos at pornhub with stock imagery of (mostly) men on computers.

More please.

¬†Edit: I originally got these via some reposter on reddit who just threw them up on imgur. Why you wouldn’t link to the original blog is beyond me. Once I found it, I went through the whole goddamn thing. I don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning. Fuck you. SO THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH IS A LINK

9IeuxHX(lots more in this post, hit “more” dummy)

axUAEIs 3eS6aIW 3GkOYU3 4iYwuat 4tVZULL 8WuNFt8 aMVBZbh flD7Z6b gHgceHk Gn0IaAM GP7FIPq hG35SMX hOUQ2AI ifYJp4R jS26Hdr Ko2jzBm lLIBFoT LpqiJg7 lVA1jri n4nvmNa onSk2Po oU3X86U QUjlaX3 rvahnRk TyixeOB VllN4s3 WSwBF7l Xa4t51K xMvZDZA ZVpsFqv nDZrykM 6y0EOst

And last but not least, most of these are awesome but my absolute favorite:R4NSTuL



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