so confused

So I’m thinking about taking up writing here on a regular basis again now that the short summer is over and the long winter approaches and I figured I’d come here and do some cleanup, which inevitably involves deleting a bunch of spam comments.

Some of them confuse the shit out of me. There were two distinct formats this time. The first were long bits of copypasta taken from some other comment section with a link inserted somewhere in the first sentence, with domains like and shit. Pretty obvious.

The second? I have no clue what the purpose is. Malfunctioning bot? There were no links, and were almost correlated with the topic at hand in some cases. Like they picked out a keyword and used a relevant copypasta. One of them was so close to the topic it was posted on that I almost didn’t delete it, but ended up erring on the side of deletion since it followed the same format as the others, with a non-functioning link in the web address part of the post in the form of a six or so digit string of letters. That’s what’s got me boggled.

I must have had twenty of the fuckers. What’s the point?

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