stumbling on christmas

My wife’s at work, started a new night shift gig so I’m staying up late out of sympathy. Nothing better to do than to stumble.

The solar system (flash toy): Fun. First thing I did was set it to my birthday (approximately) and watch the solar system dance throughout my life so far. From my layman’s knowledge, both of these representations are outdated (I’m sure the author knows this), but it’s interesting to watch.

Dark planet discovered: Old news, I remember reading about it a while ago, but interesting nonetheless. Would make an awesome sci-fi setting.

What happens to an elephant after a hunt: I found this link a little gross. I’m not against hunting at all, I love to shoot and I’m planning on getting into hunting this year.

I don’t care that none of the elephant goes to waste. Why do you need to hunt an elephant? Is it a challenge? How hard is it to stalk an elephant? How hard is it to shoot an elephant? The locals are just capitalizing on what would otherwise be a tragic waste.

My problem arises when I try to imagine what someone gets out of hunting an elephant. In my eyes, it’s all about the ego. The story. Being able to say you killed an elephant. To me, it’s immoral.

As I said, I’m okay with other forms of hunting. Other forms of game are actually a challenge to stalk and kill. The meat goes to feed you and your family directly. Killing something and not eating it, even if you’re giving the meat away, strikes me as sociopathic. Especially something as easy to hunt as an elephant. Kill it with a spear and color me impressed, until then fuck off.

femei_3Image: I decided to re-add the “babes” category to my stumbleupon. Eye candy for any male readers. Female readers, feel free to send your favorite dude pics and I’ll (probably) post them for fairness’ sake.

An alphabet for dragon people: It’s about damn time.

Very little on the old stumbler tonight. Just some more wasted time on my books.



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