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I got busy, so now it’s sunday stumble. Wanna fight about it?

That’s what I thought. Hit “read more”, or whatever the thing says, ya pussy.

google poems: I used to be amazed at the kind of shit people searched, based on the search suggestions on google. But then I realized that anything weird is always someone trying to find lyrics to a song, or a quote from a movie, or something like that. If you actually follow the weird suggestions, you’ll always get the reason behind it.

top 10 philosophical one-liners: The first one is my favorite, and started my mind moving, which is one of the points of philosophy, I suppose. Hereclitus: “You cannot step in the same river twice.”

Knife Defense Myths: This is an interesting side of YouTube I’ve never hit. This video demonstrates how “knife defense techniques” as promoted by a ton of videos out there are kinda bullshit. Makes a lot of sense. The TL;DWatch is that if you’re unarmed against a guy with a knife, expect to get cut a fuckton. “It’s an automatic tool for opening your body.”

All the gold in the world (infographic): Really cool visual presentation. The last picture is a mindfuck. All of the gold ever mined in the history of the world put into a solid cube is just a bit bigger than an average two story house. Wow.

how not to be offended: Great piece.

cube dovetailing problem: Interesting little problem. I wish the solution (or one possible solution) weren’t thrown right in my face immediately, although I don’t know if I would have come up with it. It’s the kind of thing that would have bothered me, at least subconsciously, until I figured something out.

My initial problem was that I was thinking it as a hollow shape, that is, only focusing on the shapes on the outside of the box. I failed to conceive of it as a solid object as the solution shown does. Maybe I would have hit on it eventually. Good thinking exercise.

power of the market – the pencil: Milton Friedman was an intelligent guy. I don’t remember specifically what I’ve read/heard from him, but his name has a positive connotation in my mind. This video will make you look at the objects around you in a really strange way, and if you delve into it deeply, blow your mind.

side note: Fuck the “babes” category. There’ll be no more of that in these. I may have said this before, but I’ll expand on it. I put that in my list of interests expecting some good little tame pictures that I could pop up here for male enjoyment, but most of the links are pretty much just pornography. Not interested in posting pornography. And the rest are just bad.

Stumbleupon in general tends to get some spam links. I’m not quite sure how to help fight them. I categorize straight up SEO bullshit content as spam, as well. One site was just called “humor pics” or something, and although I liked the picture, sorta, and was considering posting it, I didn’t want to give them any links because the site was garbage.

I don’t know what constitutes spam or a bad link on StumbleUpon. The fact that they don’t have a “wrong category” reporting option weirds me out. I see a lot of those. Particularly in the “Accounting” interest. Most of that shit just isn’t accounting, has nothing to do with it. A lot of finance, and some stuff that’s just not even halfway relevant.

be all bruce lee and shit: I’m all about gymless workouts. I think that a lot of people can get a lot done with proper bodyweight training. I just haven’t found a good routine yet. I’m one of those nerds that needs to min/max everything before I can even start. I don’t want to waste my time.

The fucked up part is that I recognize the fallacy. By researching this shit for a year and never starting to actually work out, I’m wasting SO MUCH MORE TIME. Fucking stupid, my brain.

fast inverse square root: I love this stuff. I had a hard enough time when I was playing with 2d stuff. The 3d graphics things at low level are hard-fucking-core to me. Makes me want to drop everything and get deep.

Side note: If you’re reading anything about fitness or a workout plan, and it uses the phrase “tummy toning” in a non-derisive manner, quit reading. You’re wasting your fucking time.

Another side note: Another reason I got rid of the “babes” category: most of these fucking shitty sites have a script that triggers a popup when you click on the page (which I do sometimes to regain focus). Godawful.

LHC illustrated: Cool little flash movie illustrating how the Large Hadron Collider works.

 De Profundis by Oscar Wilde: Bookmarked this to read later. I only read the first few paragraphs. I have a deep respect for how the older writers used the language. No modern equivalents come to mind.

 8 ways your smartphone can be a wilderness survival tool: I’ve thought about this a bit. I don’t really see the usefulness for me. The database apps (fishing, first aid, and especially wild edibles) are very useful, but my phone blows. I’m lucky to be able to keep it charged for two days if I don’t touch it. I barely have enough room for the apps I need, let alone the ones I want (and they keep getting bigger with every update).

If you have a newer smartphone with space to spare, and a solar charger, than this info is great. Not for me, however.

Side note: I can’t get the Evernote Web Clipper to install. I hope this is a momentary error somewhere in the chain, and not a permanent thing. It’s a big selling point for me. I’m in the process of trying it out, seeing if it’s more useful to me than OneNote currently is.

10 habits of charismatic people: I’m always interested in building charisma. I do okay. When I’m on my game, I think most people would rate me a six out of ten, zero being a rock and ten being Bill Clinton. Read this and earn +1 CHA.

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