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tumblr_m7bngiPteR1rambj9o1_500Lately I’ve been reading the Dune series for the second time, about halfway through¬†Children of Dune. Before the first reading was even over, it was already a favorite. I’d read it more often, but it takes so long to get through the six books, and I can’t stop with just one, I have to keep reading until I’m through.

If you have an open mind (and I hope you do) there are many things you can take away from the characters and ideas presented in the books.

In the story’s universe exists a group called the Bene Gesserit, a group of (mostly) female warrior scholars devoted to spreading insight to the universe. They aimed to maximize their human potential, and were considered to be “witches” because of the apparent powers this gave them.

One of my favorite things in the books comes from the Bene Gesserit: the¬†Litany Against Fear. I posted it in a semi-stylized format earlier today, and decided to write about it. I find it to be helpful in my life, and think it could be helpful in everyone’s life.

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