why blog?

I was thinking about this the other day, after lamenting to myself that I hadn’t had time to even look at the internet for 48 hours. Why exactly do I blog?

First of all, I hate the word “blog.” I don’t know why. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue. I refer to this as my blog, but only because it’s entered my lexicon, albeit reluctantly. It’s made the big show on the English-speaking tongue, along with another one of my least favorite words: “podcast”.

It’s a kind of cutesy word, and conjures up images of pretentious douchebags typing into their Macs between triple frapamochachinos light foam organic sugar please at their local international coffee chain. I guess that sums it up for me. But “blog” it is.

I guess I write as a creative exercise. It’s also an exercise in discipline. If I can keep a decent amount of content rolling through this site, I feel okay.

It’s also a creative outlet of sorts. I used to do an internet radio show that no one listened to, but it was okay because it was fun. I have my equipment sort of set up, but don’t have the time to do one anymore. It’s much easier to sit down and type something or link to a video or whatever. It’s spotty.

I’m also planning on using Twitter a bit, for the same reasons. A writing exercise. I don’t really enjoy getting personal details out, but some part of me likes to put something out there, even needs it.

I’ve been trying to encourage my wife to start one. I think I’ll get her to come around. Her chosen topic is the trials and tribulations of being a step-parent, given that she is a new one, myself having found out a year ago that I was a father of a three year old (he’s now four). I don’t write about it much, I save that for my personal journal (which I’ve been too busy to write in so far this week). That’s about as much as I’ll share on this site, but it’s a struggle in and of itself. Maybe I’ll guest write on her blog about it. It’s difficult for everyone involved.

Anyway, hopefully I got across the why of it. I’m not looking for an audience, not actively. If one comes, okay. If someone wants to listen and read, great. That’s what it’s about, I guess. But really, it’s just an aspect of me, impressing itself on the world. Whispering in a crowd.

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