first post
posted by frenik on Jan. 21, 2024, 4:54 p.m.

I think I've finished the basic framework for this blog enough to publish it on my personal site. I've got a basic django blog framework written and everything configured properly (I think).

I got it to use markdown for the blog posts so I don't have to write in HTML. Really kills the flow. I'm already used to using markdown thanks to my intermittent obsession with Obsidian so it makes writing a bit easier. We'll see if it produces any headaches.

That's what I like about coding my own solution. Having built it from the ground up, I understand the code and it's easy to change and add and create whatever I want. The disadvantage of that is that change is slow.

If you happen to be stumbling upon this somehow when this post first hits, it's probably a mess. I have a basic design, with colors I like but am not sure I'm sticking with. Major change is probably going to unfold because that's just how I am. I tweak.

Next major feature I plan on tackling is the ability to use tags. I'm not sure what I'm doing with them yet but I want to be able to pull them out of posts, at least. I'll give it some thought the next time I'm thinking.

The premise of this project is a return to the small web, essentially. I've been unsettled at the direction of the internet and technology in general for a while now and this is my small attempt to find peace with my own personal site. I'm also inspired by IndieWeb and I'm planning on adding those types of features to this site as well.